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Competition: Design, Supply and Installation of a Solar Grid-tie Electrical System Crique Jute Village
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Name of procuring entity:
Belize Social Investment Fund
Procurement Number:
Design, Supply and Installation of a Solar Grid-tie Electrical System Crique Jute Village
The contractor shall undertake the design, supply, and installation services for a solar grid-tie electrical system for the Crique Jute Village water supply system, Toledo District. The system is desired to be connected to the main electrical grid, along with being able to produce an estimated output of 100kWh per day to provide electricity for the water supply system, which has a total electrical demand load of approximately 22.3kVA. Important to note is that the system shall be equipped with zero grid export devices so as to not feed power back into the national electrical grid. The contractor shall be responsible for the following: - provision of all electrical designs for solar powered components; - provision of all civil designs for the installation of solar panels and ancillary components; - procurement and installation of all requisite plant/ equipment in accordance with the agreed-upon designs; - provision of all materials and the like to undertake the commissioning of the system; Reference shall be made to the proposed electrical design for the water supply system, which shall aid in development of the solar grid-tie electrical system, as detailed in the Drawings section of the bidding document.
Type of Contract:
Procurement Method:
Evaluation Mechanism:
Lowest Price
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Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV):
09330000-Solar energy
09332000-Solar installation
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Deadline for Clarification period:
03/09/2021 10:00:00
Deadline for Receipt of Tenders:
24/09/2021 10:00:00
Date for the Opening of Tenders:
24/09/2021 10:15:00
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