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Competition: National Individual Consultant to Develop an Information and Communication Technology Strategic Plan (ICTSP)
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Name of procuring entity:
Belize Tax Service Department
Procurement Number:
WBS# 3.1
National Individual Consultant to Develop an Information and Communication Technology Strategic Plan (ICTSP)
1.1 The purpose of this consultancy is to develop an Information and Communication Technology Strategic Plan hereinafter referred as ICTSP and conduct sensitization workshops, , with an aim of establishing horizontal realignment of policies to address organization, semantics and technical interoperability across BTS departments and the Central Information Technology Office (CITO). The ICTSP is an instrument designed to ensure that the actions developed as well as the investments made in the areas of information and communication technology are focused on the priorities and guidelines needed for its effectiveness. The ICTSP shall comprise, but it is not limited to: (a) Applications/Software needs; (b) Equipment/Hardware needs and specifications (for all environments, including the contingency environment/solution and infrastructure for datacenter disaster recovery and risk management); (c) Processing capacities and storage requirements; (d) Security specifications and protocols; (e) Connectivity requirements; (f) Systems integration; (g) Portal(s) administration; and (h) Data sharing and interoperability policies. 1.2 The IT consultant will be responsible to plan for the implementation of the ICTSP, including conducting workshops to discuss and disseminate the information and technology strategic plan.
Type of Contract:
Procurement Method:
Two stages
Evaluation Mechanism:
Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT)
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Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV):
72000000-IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support
72600000-Computer support and consultancy services
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Deadline for Request to Participate:
30/11/2020 00:00:00